I am a painter based in the pretty, historic town of Maldon in Essex, where I work from my own gallery and studio.

My work is driven by a desire to capture an emotional rather than a simply topographical sense of place. Swift and expressive mark-making captures not just the pace of city life but also the fleeting seasons.

My unique trademark style developed as I moved away from traditional easel painting to a more energetic technique that better reflects my personality. By laying the canvas on the floor, I am able to move freely around all sides, working continuously, dripping, spilling and throwing paint on in layers. The image builds before your eyes into vibrant landscapes, park scenes, city street views and architectural representations of landmark buildings.

Commissions for private clients, notably for weddings, special birthday occasions or my unique interpretation of your home prove very popular.

Having grown up and spent much of my life in London many of my works continue to reflect urban life, being populated by people engaged in ordinary pursuits.